The current version of Drumknott is 0.95

What's Drumknott?
Drumknott is a threaded blog package, released under the GPL. This means it not only allows you to post easily to a form like a normal blog, but also to classify your entries into section and subsection
Or looked at another way, it's a manager for an average website, which allows you to have sections and subsections, and just happens to log your most recent entries to the front page.

Why would I want to do that?
Basically it allows you to manage the content of your site more easily. Instead of having to download your html pages, edit, alter menus and upload, you can simply go to your input page and add your new entry. Drumknott creates all the pages, menus and submenus for you. You can easily add new sections and subsections.

Why should I use it?
If you're looking for something a bit more than a flat blog. Or if you're looking for an easier way to manage your home pages, or if, like me, you're too lazy to muck about with menus and submenus and want the server to do your work for you, then you should use Drumknott

I was having trouble keeping track of different versions of my pages across my laptop, home computer, work computer, and the server, so I figured if I had a web front end to input through the current version would always be there.

How does it work?
Drumknott uses PHP and MySQL. MySQL is a database program, each entry you make goes into the database. PHP is a server side scripting language. Each time a page is requested, the web server runs the PHP scripts to generate the page you want.

How do I use it?
Follow the instructions in the setup file in the docs directory

Where does the name Drumknott come from?
Drumknott is a characterin the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett. Drumknott is the clerk to the Patrician, the ruler of the city of Ankh Morpork. His job is to record things and organise things for the Patrician, which makes him an excellent name for this package. This name was suggested by Drusilla from the Bugarup University mailing list who wins a wicker whatnot for her trouble.